Brenntag Lubricants Specialty Products is a global high performance synthetic base stock lubricant supplier to lubricant blenders and compounders who take our products and blend them together to manufacture products under their own brand names.
Brenntag Lubricants is proud to be a supplier of Lo Vis PAO’s, the highest quality fuel synthetic base stock on the market. We are also the exclusive distributor of Infineum Lubricants Additive in North Amercia.

Brenntag Lubricants Specialty Products has the facilities and resources to meet your unique needs. We are committed to providing quick response time and outstanding customer support. Our goal is to give our customers what they need when they need it. If you have a unique formulation requirement, contact Brenntag Lubricants Specialty Products to help you accomplish your special goals.

Brenntag Lubricants Specialty provides products within the United States and globally.  We have strong relationships with experienced and professional freight forwarders that will collaborate to meet your deadlines and requirements.

Technical Support

Our experienced professional engineers are available to provide technical information about our products and assist you with your formulations. We help solve problems, suggest cost-effective alternatives, and provide comprehensive supporting data about our products. Brenntag Lubricants Specialty Products offers technical services that are essential to customer’s decision making process and we invite you to work in partnership with us. This means sharing information and building long-term relationships based on mutual benefit and trust. By working together, Brenntag Lubricants Specialty Products and its customers find the best solutions quickly.

ExxonMobil SpectraSyn Synthetic Base Stocks

SpectraSyn Elite™ High Viscosity Polyalphaolefins & SpectraSyn Polyalphaolefins

ExxonMobil manufacturers both low and high viscosity polyalphaolefins (PAO) which enables you to work with a single source manufacturer to handle all of your worldwide distribution needs. With commercial viscosity grades ranging from 2 cSt to 10 cSt and high viscosity products up to 150 cSt, we provide our customers the flexibility to formulate and meet the most extreme requirements.

Our SpectraSyn PAO and SpectraSyn Plus PAO provide superior lubrication for such applications as passenger car engine oils, drive line lubricants, industrial machinery, military specifications and heavy-duty truck engines. Used in conjunction with our ExxonMobil Esterex ester basestocks and Synesstic ExxonMobil alkylated naphthalene blendstocks, which are the major component of worldwide synthetic engine oils.

SpectraSyn Elite™ high-performance, high viscosity polyalphaolefin (MPAO) base stocks are created using a proprietary metallocene catalyst process. The results is a PAO platform with improved shear stability, higher viscosity index (VI), and lower pour point, providing unprecedented versatility to formulate a wide range of lubricants. Well suited for industrial and automotive applications, SpectraSyn Elite™ MPAO is available in 150cSt and 65 cSt at 100o C.

ExxonMobil Esterex Ester Base Stock

For as long as synthetic basestocks have been used in the lubrication business, ExxonMobil has been developing and manufacturing lubricant-quality esters. With more than 30 years of experience, they have become a true leader in the field, offering a complete line of Esterex esters for synthetic lubricants.

Esters are synthesize to produce molecular structures especially suited for high performance lubrication. With stability and solvency to help limit deposit formation, Esterex TM line includes adipate, neopolyol, phthalate and trimellitate esters. They can be used in applications such as compressor oils, gear oils, transmission fluids and engine oils. Their compatibility with polyalphaolefin (PAO) and other base stocks, also available from ExxonMobil Chemical, is just one more reason to make us your primary supplier.

Esters have a wide operating temperature range and are characterized by good thermal/oxidative stability and solvency, traits important for your lubrication products. They have high stability and low volatility, along with lubricity and cleanliness, which improves durability and lubricant life in tough applications. Plus many esters are biodegradable, so they can be a good choice for applications that require a lubricant’s contact with the environment.

ExxonMobil Synestic Alkylated Naphthalene Base Stock

We also offer Synesstic Alkylated Naphthalene as a synthetic basestock fluid for automotive and industrial lubricants.

SynessticTM AN combines the stability of polyaphaolefin (PAO) and solubility benefits of an ester, helping formulators extend the performance of synthetic and mineral-oil based lubricants used in many automotive and industrial applications.

Synesstic AN is listed on the U.S. FDA inventory of Effective Food Contact Substance Notifications, making it suitable for applications with incidental food contact. In addition SynsessticTM AN is H1/HX-1 National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) registered and Kosher certified.

Group II and III Base Oils

The unique ability of Phillips 66 to supply exceptionally pure Group II and Group III base stocks means you can now deal with one supplier for both. Used separately or together, Pure Performance Group II and Ultra-S Group III base oils are the key to optimizing the cost and performance of your most demanding formulations.

Phillips 66 is the exclusive marketer of S-Oil Corporation’s Ultra-S Group III base oils in North America. S-Oil is a world-class refiner that has produced top quality base oils for over two decades. Combining premier S-Oil products with the marketing, technical, and logistics strengths of Phillips 66 gives you a new supply source with a proven track record of consistency and reliability.

As a major base oil Group II and Group III marketer, Phillips 66 is uniquely positioned to efficiently deliver Pure Performance and Ultra-S products throughout North America. Our base oil customers are supported by industry-leading customer service and logistics, innovative commercial relationships, and expert technical support. We collaborate closely with additive companies to provide you with the most flexible and cost effective formulation options.

PureSyn™ PureSyn PAO and Esters for Personal Care Products

Covering Formulators’ Needs from Head to Toe

Personal care product formulators can be assured that PureSyn synthetic fluids are a results of our extensive experience in researching and meeting formulators’ needs. These fluids incorporate the characteristics that chemist and formulators have told us they look for in the ideal cosmetic ingredient. They are proven effective and reliable in a broad range of formulations. PureSyn fluids are efficient, versatile, cost-effective and, most importantly, provide the safety and aesthetic qualities that consumers demand.

The PureSyn Esters and Polyalphaolefins (PAO) offers emollience and moisturizing characteristics. They are compatible and non-irritating in personal care formulations including:

PureSyn Applications

  • AHA/BHA Products
  • Lotions and Creams
  • Moisturizers
  • Cosmetics
  • Sunscreens
  • Antiperspirants/Deodorants
  • Water-in-oil Emulsion
  • Hair Relaxers
  • Self-tanning lotions
  • Gels
  • After-bath sprays
  • Hair-polisher sprays

NOTE: Esterex, SpectraSyn Ultra and Synesstic are trademarks of Exxon Mobil Corporation. Ultra-S Group Base Oils and ConoPure Process Oils are trademarks of ConocoPhillips Company and Pure Performance Base Oils is registered by ConocoPhillips Company

Quality Assurance

We maintain rigorous quality standards. Quality assurance testing is performed following the latest ASTM procedures. Continual evaluation, innovation, and improvement of our quality and production processes allow our customers to have the highest degree of confidence in our products. Quality is the top priority in Brenntag Lubricants Specialty Products’ production and service activities. We measure product characteristic, review service metrics, and encourage customer feedback.

Our quality system is maintained to ensure that customer requirements are met. This allows Brenntag Lubricants Specialty Products to promptly deliver product to our customers based on their schedule. Customers trust Brenntag Lubricants Specialty Products’ ability to deliver their products on time with accurate corresponding documents. As we understand our customer’s requirements, we’re always looking for a better way to meet those requirements.

Today’s global customer demands products and services that meet rigorous specifications. They want high performance basestocks and new chemical solutions for very precise applications. Brenntag Lubricants Specialty Products responds quickly, combining expert abilities with experience and creativity to meet those needs. Our Sales Force and Technical Support are accustomed to working closely with customers in a variety of situations. This may include working with customers to develop a custom tailored product, or helping them find a new and unique solution to a difficult lubrication application.

Brenntag Lubricants Specialty Products has the ability to handle packaging of various sizes, whether you need a drum, tote/IBC, bulk truck, ISO containers, flexibags or a railcar of product. Brenntag Lubricants Specialty Products works with you to meet your requirements and special requests.